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Economics, Arts, Communication : three concepts which have extensively developed, leading to new ways of disseminating culture, partnerships between businesses and cultural and artistic enterprises, and the improvement and enrichment of mutual skills.  Solid financial management and strongly differentiated strategies are the backbone of businesses. Cultural enterprises need to meet these requirements too. Thus, in 1985, anticipating these new challenges, I imagined an innovative concept: cultural coordination and art management.

The EAC has clearly defined objectives: adapting to the changing economic and cultural context, highly-specialised new technologies and the increasingly-fast circulation of information, by adopting an openmindness-oriented approach in this XXI century. Thanks to the cultural diversity of students coming from all over the world and the dynamism and high-professionalism of the teachers, the EAC Group has become a leader in promoting the jobs linked to Culture, offering consistent and specialised training.Conceived as a place for exchanges and debate between teachers and students, the EAC Group is characterised by intellectual and international mobility (thanks to a proactive approach to internships and placements),  its hallmark being its pioneering attitude.

Promoting our actions, our philosophy, our projects, contributes to developing training in cultural coordination and the professions of Culture. To conclude, I would like to quote a passage from the European Council held in Lisbon on the 23rd and 24thApril 2000: " Education and lifelong learning are vital to enhance citizenship, promote social cohesion and develop employment."

Beyond academic knowledge, the EAC wants students to live a "learning story" during their training.

Claude Vivier - Le Got, Founder of the EAC Group

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About Us

Founded in 1985, the EAC Group is a Business School of Arts, Culture and Luxury recognized by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication.

Every year, the EAC welcomes students from all levels, and delivers five state-certified diplomas (level 1 and 2).

Based in Paris and Lyon, the EAC Group has built a solid reputation in the world of culture and was the first to introduce the concept of cultural coordination® in 1991.

Studying at the EAC enables students to develop managerial skills in the field of art and culture thanks to a teaching strategy combining courses in class (provided by experts) with professional projects and activities on the ground. Thanks to this approach, students acquire concrete knowledge of the state of the arts and the challenges they will face as professionals.

Our objective is facilitating the integration of students in the cultural scene which, in turn, will benefit from their contribution and fresh ideas.

Our students have been recruited by more than 2800 different companies including festivals like “Festival de Cannes” and “Rock en Seine”, cultural institutions like “l’Opéra de Paris”, advertising companies, innovative companies like the “Bellevilloise” and “104” and other companies like France Television, Disney, Fnac…

2007 saw the EAC incorporating the ING, the French National Gemmology Institute, a unique Institute in France which, with a collection of some 27,000 stones, plays a leading role in the field. The EAC seized the opportunity to offer a new study course dedicated to luxury.

The EAC has opened its doors to the world through international mobility programmes, ERASMUS+ programmes, courses taught in English and French and exchanges and placements abroad and a partnership agreement signed with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The EAC strengthened its leading role at international level by signing several partnership agreements with universities and institutes all over the world: Morocco, Hungary and Shanghai to name but a few.

With the objective of disseminating knowledge of luxury and cultural coordination, the EAC also launched e-learning programmes in 2010.

In 2013, the EAC has enlarged its educational offer by launching a new Master Art Market Management, taught in English or French.

In 2016, EAC Group joign the AD Education network.

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